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The Macbeth Project, Episode 1

Episode Summary

THE MACBETH PROJECT A PODCAST PRESENTED BY ROUGH MAGIC PERFORMANCE COMPANY ADAPTED FROM THE SHAKESPEARE BY CATHERINE JUSTICE WITH EXCERPTS FROM “PARLIAMENT HILL FIELDS” by SYLVIA PLATH DIRECTED BY TRACEY MALONEY SOUND DESIGN BY TAJ RULER Just in time for Halloween and the monumental 2020 election, RMPC delivers a new spin on Shakespeare’s classic tale of ambition and loss with an all-female podcast production. The Macbeths, in a state of joint postpartum psychosis after the loss of several children to miscarriages and still-births, are left vulnerable to the corrupting influences of the evil spirits lurking in Scotland’s forests and the darker side of the pursuit of power. Intermingling Shakespeare’s text with that of Sylvia Plath’s poem “Parliament Hill Fields,” the adaptation creates a soundscape of poetry within a classic ghost story. Featuring the voice talents of Aimee Bryant, Ashawnti Sakina Ford, Alayne Hopkins, Katie Kaufman, Catherine Johnson Justice, and Taj Ruler.

Episode Notes


The Macbeth Project Cast Breakdown:

Lord Macbeth - Aimee Bryant

Lady Macbeth / Witch 3- Catherine Johnson Justice

Lord Banquo / Lady Macduff / Doctor - Alayne Hopkins

King Duncan / Fleance / Lord Macduff / Witch 2 - Ashawnti Sakina Ford

Lord Malcolm / Lady Macduff’s Child / Witch 1 / Servant - Taj Ruler

Narrator / Ross / Messenger - Katie Kaufmann

Special Thanks:, Tirsh Hunter,  and Amy Hallberg

The Macbeth Project is Dedicated to the Memory of James Vculek